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We are halfway through October and it is quite possibly the scariest month of the year. Haunted houses and gory decorations are everywhere now and it's beginning to give us here at KIAC Insurance the chills! Although ghosts, goblins and zombies may make us all squirm, your insurance coverage shouldn't. READ MORE >>

Did you know today was National Bosses Day? It is a pretty important day for both employees, management and entrepreneurs. Employees take a moment, or two, to thank your boss. Whether or not you are happy with your manager on a daily basis, they still employe you and are part of the reason you can pay your bills each month. READ MORE >>

Men and women are beginning to lean towards entrepreneurship, over a 9-5 career. The increase of technology has created an even larger need for creativity, giving entrepreneurs like yourself a chance to shine, and more opportunities to do so. READ MORE >>

The NFL season is officially in full swing! As local San Diegans are still morning from yesterday's Chargers lost, other football fans are on the edge of their seat with excitement for the new season. Aside from a fresh new season, NFL is catching headlines for it's recent concussion settlement. READ MORE >>

You clocked in, prepared your vehicle and are ready for a full day's work out on the field. As you are driving to your location a car cuts in front of you, forcing you to slam into their backend. Now what? If you or your business has commercial auto insurance, you're protected. READ MORE >>

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