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If you’re a CDL license holder or freight company, your insurance costs might be increasing in the new year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to raise insurance minimums for freight drivers in 2015. A proposal was submitted to Congress in December 2014 that will update 30-year-old insurance requirements. READ MORE >>

While most tax penalties are avoidable, there are significant fines and penalties assessed for each mistake. Protect your profits this tax season by avoiding the following pitfalls that are commonly found in small business returns.   Inaccuracies| Accidental or not, inaccurate tax returns are costly. READ MORE >>

A San Diego nurse was recently arrested after defrauding her healthcare company of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The nurse collected disability and workers’ comp. benefits for seven years before the alleged “disability” was discovered to be false. READ MORE >>

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is beefing up their parameters on workplace injuries. In September 2014, OSHA announced a rule enforcing tighter guidelines on the reporting of workplace injury and deaths, which will go into effect January 15, 2015. READ MORE >>

Often times, business owners fail to realize the importance of a good commercial truck and automobile insurance policy until it is too late. When you or one of your employees operates a company car, truck, or vehicle, your businesses assets and livelihood is at risk. READ MORE >>

Imagine this: “Mike,” your employee, experiences an injury at work due to increased hours and the stress of the holiday season. Will his injuries and time off be covered by workers’ comp? Like many other issues related to worker’s comp, the answer is not that simple. READ MORE >>

Virtually every state has laws requiring organizations with a certain number of employees or more to carry workers compensation insurance. But there are many misconceptions and falsehoods about workers compensation that continue to be perpetuated. READ MORE >>

Business insurance can cover an array of items your business needs protection of and is essential to the security of your company. Learn everything you need to know about different options for insuring your business below and by contacting us today at (760)471-2200. General Liability READ MORE >>

Establishing email etiquette in the workplace will not only make for a more efficient environment and workload, but can also protect your company from liabilities. Professionalism in email language will provide your organization to uphold a professional image and reduce your email risks and liabilities in the workplace. READ MORE >>

At Kipper Insurance Agency, we understand that first impressions can mean everything and are a vital part of your business. People generally assess and form a first impression within the first few seconds of meeting a business. How you make someone feel at the end of the interaction will speak volumes in the professional world. READ MORE >>

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