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Sure, we have all heard of the term workers' comp, but do we actually know what it means and how it can be used to protect us in the event of a workplace injury? Here’s what you need to know about workers compensation: READ MORE >>

No matter which state you live in, across all of the U.S., strict criteria is mandated for people to be licensed to drive a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, there are many variables that interfere with enforcement, along with an infinite range of potential distractions for drivers at any given time. READ MORE >>

There’s always a nice, fresh feeling of starting all over again with the advent of a new year, and once all the holiday hoopla has died down and everything is more or less settling back into place, as you begin to gather all your tax preparation info, either for your own management or to turn over to your CPA. READ MORE >>

Unfortunately, on-the-job injuries occur all the time. Knowing what to do immediately following and from there forward is critical, in terms of getting the relief you need, with as few problems as possible. Because all workers and federal employees are protected by workers’ laws (at eithe... READ MORE >>

In a perfect world, no one would ever need insurance, or at the very least, it would be available to families for free. In this less-than-perfect world, however, children need to be covered by insurance, for many reasons. If you are considering finding out how much insurance you should buy or if your child is covered, read on. READ MORE >>

When you are the owner of a business or when you are a part of an industry, you need to keep an eye on a number of factors. The security and safety of your employees being foremost. Injuries are likely to happen in any industry which require manual labor, like construction, or manufacturing as workers work with heavy tools, machinery, and are exposed to different elements. READ MORE >>

Wildfires have been becoming increasingly dangerous over the past few decades, covering more acres, burning down more houses, and costing more in order to control them. The devastation they leave behind knows no bounds. Fires are no joke, especially not for homeowners who know fire season is on its way. READ MORE >>

‘Why leave things for tomorrow when they can be done today!’ You’ve probably come across that phrase quite a few times. It does indeed apply to numerous situations in life. One area where this stands particularly true is that of life insurance policies. READ MORE >>

The reason for providing workers compensation coverage is to account for any accidents that might take place in the workplace or address any illnesses that might result from the environment at the workplace. When such incidents take place, coverage plans serve to compensate the workers. READ MORE >>

Whether you are in construction, non-construction or agricultural industry, your business requires workers compensation insurance. This insurance offers insurance coverage in California, Nevada and other U.S. states to employees who get injured at work or get an illness or disease that is work-related. READ MORE >>

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